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Miss America 2014: American as Apple Pie

     I am not a fan of beauty pageants. They value external over internal beauty, objectify women as sexual objects, and contribute to increased body insecurities. However, thanks to overt and unapologetic ignorance and racism directed at the new Miss America, beauty pageants have once again become significant. The new Miss America , Nina Davuluri, a 24-year-old Syracuse native and University of Michigan graduate who aspires to be a doctor, is the first Miss America of Asian Indian descent. This historic moment in the world of beauty pageants has caused outrage amongst some Americans who took to social media to  vent about their frustration that a brown skinned Indian-American won the title of Miss America. There were many haters and also many supporters of the changing face of Miss America that caused the interwebs to buzz today with conversations about race and American authenticity. Public Shaming captured some of the ignorance and hate displayed on twitter to illustrate the