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Lessons from Melania Trump's Plagiarism

image from As a public speaking educator, I can not ignore the opportunity to discuss the speech Melania Trump gave at the Republic National Convention this past week. A portion of her now famous speech was admittedly  plagiarized from a speech that our first lady, Michelle Obama, gave in 2008. If you have yet to hear or see the striking similarity of the two speeches, check out this short video clip . This incident of outright plagiarism can create a much needed awareness about academic integrity and hopefully teach us a few lessons about what not do when writing and delivering a speech. In my years working with students and clients, I've realized that most of us are unaware of what plagiarism is and the potential consequences that come along with it. Plagiarizing according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.” As explains original ideas that are reco

Coming Together in a Time of Tragedy

There has been a growing divisiveness in our country between civilians and police officers in the last several years. Race relations are undeniably strained and it seems as if we are more divided as a nation than we have ever been in my lifetime. It is a frightening time to be a Black or Brown person in this country but also very frightening to be a police officer today. Police shootings of innocent Black and Brown (mostly) men NEEDS to stop. These senseless murders are roote d in stereotypes, prejudices, and institutional/systematic racism. We have a race problem in our justice system and I don’t think many people would argue that. However, lumping all police officers together and categorizing them as power hungry racists is just as dangerous as reducing an entire racial group as being violent criminals. Both of these depictions are static, inaccurate, and offensive. Instead of hating on each other and letting our personal biases create further racial tension and division, let’s l