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South Asians For Black Lives: Resources to Develop Your Anti-Racism and Racial Consciousness

In the last week, South Asian Americans have shown up in a big way to the fight against anti-Black racism. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have worked to incite an awakening and call for racial justice within the South Asian community. This awakening is apparent on Instagram, with thousands and thousands of South Asians using the #southasiansforblacklives hashtag. When I first started using the hashtag #southasiansforblacklives on Instagram, it was a lonely space, with only   one or two other people sharing the hashtag. In the last week, this hashtag has been a vital way for thousands upon thousands of South Asians to connect and engage in virtual activism and allyship with Black Americans.  As someone who has been committed to disrupting anti-Black bias for over fifteen years, I feel hopeful with the new South Asian American voices and bodies that have joined this movement. This is the time for us to work collectively as a community to help dism