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Unpacking the Temper Tantrum of Aaron Schlossberg and Disrupting Linguistic Intolerance

Aaron Schlossberg’s racist ran t in a Midtown Manhattan eatery that happened last week isn’t something I was shocked to hear or see. Sadly, incidents like this happen frequently in our country. Citizen journalism and social media have resulted in the increased visibility of these kind of disturbing incidents. Thanks to the organizing of thousands of people and the power of the internet, this whining lawyer seems to have already experienced a small dose of karma for his racist and inappropriate outburst. The public outcry against this overt bigotry and ignorance was refreshing to see and a nice reminder that Americans have a great sense of humor and more importantly, a majority of them disapprove of racism and xenophobia. While I watched this entitled and arrogant “man” throw a temper tantrum that rivals the tantrums my three year old son throws, a few things came to mind: 1. There is NO official language in the United States. Nope- not one. English is the most commonly used l

Don't just ask them to dance, ask them to help choreograph that dance: Inclusion in the workplace

There seems to be so much emphasis on recruiting employees of diverse backgrounds and talents but not enough emphasis is put on retaining this diverse talent. Creating an inclusive company culture is an essential retention strategy and in this vlog, I unpack the idea that inclusion might be more than just asking our diverse employees to dance. Happy viewing!