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To my dear Malayalee family and friends who voted for Donald Trump

In the days since Donald Trump was elected as our country’s 45 th president I’ve watched more news than I ever have, read countless articles from both sides of the spectrum, and patiently listened to my students, friends, and yes even my brown and immigrant family members who voted for Donald Trump. I have tried VERY hard to understand their view points and reasons for wanting a President that has no government experience, who proudly admits that he doesn’t pay taxes, who has blatantly lied to us several times , who is anti-immigrant and has openly supported and promoted racism, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and even went so low as disrespecting a gold star family . I get it, not everyone loved Hillary- but what I absolutely don’t get is how many of my own beloved family members and many people in my Malayalee community could support Trump. We are a Christian South Indian immigrant community that is largely defined by our strong religious beliefs, collectivism, a