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The Power of Listening (Part 2)

                                             If you read my last post (I apologize for the looong break- I was busy having a baby and taking care of a very fussy newborn!) then you know that listening is a communication skill and you also know that there are many obstacles that create barriers to effective listening. It is important to be aware of the listening process and the many interferences that come in the way of effective listening, but it is even more important to know how to improve and refine your listening skills. Understanding how to be an effective listener can be key to attaining professional success and can also have a positive impact on your various interpersonal relationships.  There are three basic steps you can take to be a more attentive listener.  1.     Take Listening Seriously . Realize that it is your job to listen. If you are a student or an employee, listening should probably be written into your employment contract (or syllabus). Completin