Acknowledging Black History beyond Black History Month:Embracing the term BIPOC

The end of Black History Month doesn't mean that we should stop learning, thinking, and talking about ways to honor and acknowledge Black American history and the remarkable contributions Black people have made to our country. One of ways we can acknowledge the history of Black Americans is to refrain from grouping their histories and lived experience with all other communities of color. When we use the term "People of Color" we fail to acknowledge the oppressive history of systemic racism and discrimination that both Black and Indigenous Americans have experienced. The term BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) is becoming increasingly popular and embraced by many people working towards racial justice and anti-racism. "BIPOC" is an alternative to "People of Color" and it works to acknowledge the unique experiences and history of both Black and Indigenous Americans. Words Matter. Watch this to learn more about this emerging trend in the language of DEI and consider adopting the term BIPOC in your own vocabulary.


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